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Advanced Computing Roundtable (ACR)

"To out-compete is to out-compute"

The Council's landmark Advanced Computing Roundtable (ACR) - formerly the High Performance Computing (HPC) Initiative - is the preeminent forum for experts in advanced computing to set a national agenda on how such technologies should be leveraged for U.S. competitiveness. Advanced computing includes technologies such as high performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). ACR members represent industrial and commercial advanced computing users, hardware and software vendors and directors of academic and national laboratory advanced computing centers.

Advanced computing enables cutting-edge science, innovation and engineering. That is why the ACR asserts that to out-compete is to out-compute. Members confer with federal agency leaders and recommend strategies to maintain U.S. leadership in the development and deployment of HPC hardware and software applications.

The ACR convenes regional dialogues and forges new partnerships, makes the case for sustained investment in frontier research and development and works to leverage that investment for economic competitiveness, innovation, national security and American preeminence in science and engineering.


Richard Arthur

GE Research

Tommy Gardner

HP – Federal

M. Michael McQuade

Carnegie Mellon University

Rob Neely

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lizy Paul

Lockheed Martin Corporation


Vijay Agarwala
VKA Associates

David Bader
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Raymond Bair
Argonne National Laboratory

John Campbell
West Virginia University

Christopher Carothers
Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute

Richard Corsi
University of California, Davis

Dona Crawford
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Spiros Dimolitsas
Georgetown University

Mohamad El-Zein
Deere & Company

Patricia Falcone
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Merle Giles
Moonshot Research

Robert Graybill
Nimbis Services, Inc.

Robert Hoekstra
Sandia National Laboratories
David Hudak
Ohio Supercomputing Center

Douglas Jennewein
Arizona State University

Steven Koonin
New York University

David Martin
Argonne National Laboratory

Padma Raghavan
Vanderbilt University

Maryam Rahmani
Global Cyber Alliance

Daniel Reed
University of Utah

Fred Streitz
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Sridhar Sudarsan
SparkCognition, Inc.

Suzy Tichenor
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Frank Würthwein
University of California, San Diego

Industry Success Stories with High Performance Computing 

The Council has conducted a number of case studies and reports that showcase the competitive benefits achieved from modeling and simulation with HPC. They discuss problems organizations faced and the solutions they reached using their own HPC resources or through partnerships with government-funded facilities and programs across the country.  In each instance, these organizations advanced their R&D, accelerated innovation, created important new knowledge and shortened time-to-market for new products—all essential to business success in the face of global competition. Each organization also indicated significant cost savings and revenue enhancement.

Check out these videos to learn more about why #HPCMatters!

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