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Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative (TLSI)

For more than a decade, the groundbreaking Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative (TLSI) works to continue the Council’s legacy of innovation policy and thought leadership.

The TLSI draws on nearly 50 Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) from industry, academia, and the national laboratories and makes the business case for strategic, prioritized investments in the research, talent and infrastructure necessary for tech-based innovation in an era of endless frontiers but limited resources.

These CTOs have identified strategic technologies and grand challenges, advanced policies to speed new products to market, and suggested how to build more productive research partnerships.

The TLSI strives to enable more productive American research partnerships and to preserve the nation’s technology leadership which has been at the core of the nation’s productivity revival during the past quarter century. An invigorated innovation enterprise creates new jobs and firms, drives economic growth, and is essential to solving some of America’s greatest challenges in areas as diverse as health care, energy and security.


Jahmy J. Hindman

Deere & Company

Steven Walker

Lockheed Martin


Steven Ackerman
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Karen Burg
University of Georgia

Carol Burns
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

James Davis
University of California, Los Angeles

Tomás Díaz de la Rubia
University of Oklahoma

Peter Dorhout
Iowa State University

Joe Elabd
Texas A&M University

Patricia Falcone
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Thomas Gardner
HP Inc.

Jeanne Hossenlopp
Marquette University

Pramod Khargonekar
University of California, Irvine

Pradeep Khosla
University of California, San Diego

Fred King
West Virginia University

René Lammers

PepsiCo, Inc.

Jennifer Lodge

Duke University
David Luzzi
Northeastern University

Larry Marshall
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Theresa Mayer
Purdue University

Sally Morton
Arizona State University

David Norton
University of Florida

Anthony Peurrung
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Padma Raghavan
Vanderbilt University

Narasimha Reddy
Texas A&M University

David Rosowsky

Kansas State University

John Smee

Vice President, Engineering

Carolyn Stephens
University of California, Irvine

Stephen Streiffer
Argonne National Laboratory

Sridhar Sudarsan
SparkCognition, Inc.

Bogdan Vernescu
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Marianne Walck
Idaho National Laboratory

Jay Walsh
University of Illinois System

Lora Weiss
The Pennsylvania State University

James Weyhenmeyer

Auburn University
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