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National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers

Adapting to a Changing World: Phase 2 Working Groups

The U.S. economy faces an inflection point. Multiple technology revolutions are rapidly unfolding and converging, and our ability to reorganize swiftly our economy to capitalize on this creative destruction will dictate whether the United States remains the world’s leader in innovation. Recent events, including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the ongoing effects of climate change and supply chain disruptions, have only hastened the pace of change.

As we enter this era of transformation, the United States is vying for global leadership in an increasingly multipolar and complex landscape. That includes, most significantly, a rising strategic competitor in China that seeks to write the global rules of the next economy in its favor. At the same time, the foundations of U.S. capacity and capability in science and technology have been eroding and too few of our citizens participate in and benefit from the innovation economy.

To secure U.S. competitiveness in this evolving world order, we must think differently about its key driver: innovation. Phase 2 of the National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers (the Commission) will help re-envision the U.S. innovation ecosystem with a goal of dramatically increasing the nation’s innovation capacity and capabilities.

Specifically, Phase 2 will build on the Commission’s previous report, Competing in the Next Economy, which established the goal of increasing U.S. innovation by tenfold (10X) and included 50 specific recommendations for achieving it. Phase 2 will unpack and explore certain aspects of innovation at a deeper level than was feasible during the first phase, including the future of sustainability, the future of technology, the future of work and the future of place-based innovation.

Working Groups + Discussion Points

In Phase 2 of the National Commission, the Working Groups will generate policy recommendations focused on advancing four pillars supporting U.S. innovation.

To learn more about the National Commission on Innovation & Competitiveness Frontiers, please contact Council on Competitiveness Executive Vice President Chad Evans at [email protected].

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