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Our Programs

National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers

The Council’s flagship initiative is its National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers. U.S. innovation leadership, once unchallenged by international competitors, faces rising challenges as other nations race to build their own innovation ecosystems. Greater global connectedness, collaboration, and new business models have decentralized the international system, threatening America’s once safe position as the world’s preeminent innovation leader.

Our Goal: To create a movement that transforms the way the U.S. innovates and drive long-term productivity and inclusive prosperity.

How do we achieve these goals? With smart policy and investment tactics harnessing the power of the overall innovation ecosystem to drive productivity, economic growth, job creation, and increased living standards.


Brian T. Moynihan, Chair

Bank of America

Janet Foutty, Council Business Vice-chair

Deloitte U.S.

Joan T. A. Gabel, Chancellor

University of Pittsburgh

Kenneth Cooper, Labor Vice-Chair


Deborah L. Wince-Smith, President and CEO

Council on Competitiveness

Thom Mason, Director

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative (TLSI)

TLSI brings together almost 50 Chief Technology Officers from industry, academia, and the national laboratories to advance American research partnerships and leadership in innovation and technology development. TLSI works to develop research and strategic partnerships across diverse organizations to ignite our innovation network to create jobs, drive economic growth, and explore challenges in healthcare, clean energy, and security.

Patricia Falcone

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Sally Morton

Arizona State University

Steven Walker

Lockheed Martin

University Leadership Forum (ULF)

The Council’s University Leadership Forum unites a diverse group of college and university leaders to advance the futures of American academia and innovation. The Forum is dedicated to advancing current higher education models to meet the demands of the 21st century competitiveness landscape and grow collaboration and interest in the innovation ecosystem.

Michael Lovell

Marquette University

Jere W. Morehead

University of Georgia

Advanced Computing Roundtable (ACR)

Advancements in cutting-edge technology enables progression in high performance computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. The ACR is a group of experts setting a national agenda for how such technologies can cement a future of U.S. leadership in technology and innovation.

Richard Arthur

GE Research

Tommy Gardner

HP – Federal

M. Michael McQuade

Carnegie Mellon University

Rob Neely

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Lizy Paul

Lockheed Martin Corporation
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