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National Commission Phase 2 Community Launch Summit
The Council kicked off on March 27th and 28th the next important phase of its National Commission with a launch summit at the University of California, Davis. The purpose of the Summit – which included 100+ leaders from across the nation, representing the Council’s Board, Executive Committee, National Commissioners and many other innovation stakeholders – was to take stock […]
Summary Report of the Meeting of the Council on Competitiveness Board, Executive Committee and National Commissioners
In its first face-to-face meeting since the onset of the pandemic, the Council’s Executive Committee and National Commissioners assembled at Gallup’s DC headquarters to review and critique a new concept paper for “phase 2” of the National Commission – and endorse the re-launching of the Council’s policy-generating Commission Working Group Community. In addition, meeting participants […]
Mountain West Innovation Summit - Summary Report
Together with its Mountain West Innovation Summit co-hosts and National Commissioners Dr. Ed Seidel, President of the University of Wyoming, Mr. Greg Hill, President and COO, Hess Corporation, and Dr. John Wagner, Director of Idaho National Laboratory, the Council brought together leaders from across the country from academia, national labs and industry last week to benchmark national […]
TLSI 2022 Spring Dialogue Summary Report
TLSI Co-Chairs, Dr. Jahmy Hindman (CTO, John Deere) and Dr. Steve Walker (Vice President and CTO, Lockheed Martin), and Council Executive Vice President Chad Evans engaged TLSI members in a focused conversation to explore and map out the TLSI’s policy agenda for the coming two years. Facilitated by Council Senior Fellow Mr. Toby Redshaw (CEO, […]
Phase 2: Competing in the Next Economy – Adapting to a Changing World
The U.S. economy faces an inflection point. Multiple technology revolutions are unfolding and converging at a rapid pace, and the nation’s ability to swiftly reorganize its economy to capitalize on this creative destruction will dictate whether the United States remains the world’s leader in innovation for generations to come. Recent events—including the pandemic, the war […]
NCF 2021 Post Report
The Council hosted its annual National Competitiveness Forum (NCF) on December 16, 2021. The virtual event featured an array of distinctive leaders from industry, academia, the national labs, and labor. In addition, keynotes from Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, and Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and others. Read the report here.
Pushing Back the Frontiers of Technology
"Pushing Back the Frontiers of Technology and Defining the Future of Innovation" is the 3rd Competing in the Next Economy webinar from the Council on Competitiveness, in partnership with Lockheed Martin. This conversation focused on key, future tech and innovation opportunities facing the United States. Panelists also explored issues like incorporating national security into the […]
Summer 2021 Virtual Meeting Report
A summary of the summer 2021 virtual Board, Executive Committee and National Commission meeting, including guest speakers The Honorable Jennifer Granholm and The Honorable Gina Raimondo.
Beyond Digital Manufacturing: Understanding the Imperative of Total Transformation
Call it Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, or digitally-enabled manufacturing…a new phase of the digital revolution is underway in manufacturing. The Council on Competitiveness has been exploring this megatrend, and how to turbocharge a U.S. manufacturing renaissance. This webinar, presented in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, seeks to explore key trends and answer critical questions at the […]
Sustainability: Pursuing Innovation with Purpose
Today, sustainability is essential for preserving resources and protecting the environment, but also ensuring the sustainment of communities, diversity and inclusivity, and the flourishing of society in general. Sustainability, in this broad context, is essential for businesses, cities, regions and countries. It is a key issue driving competitiveness in the next economy. The good news […]
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