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Council Leaders Urge Immediate Action on Innovation Legislation


Statement Calls on Congress and the President to Act Now to Ensure the United States Leads in Science and Technology

In a statement released today, forty-nine (49) of the Council on Competitiveness's academic and business leaders warned that U.S. leadership in technology-based innovation is under threat. There are deficiencies in the U.S. innovation engine, and barriers to developing and scaling new technologies. And too few of our citizens are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to participate and thrive in an innovation-driven economy.

The United States must mount a strong, all-of-nation response to the new competitive realities at home and challenges from overseas. The leaders noted that over the past year, Congress and the Biden Administration have put forth several proposals and pieces of important legislation that would address many of these challenges, yet our global competitors are racing ahead while we debate. Each day that passes is an opportunity lost in the form of jobs, new technologies, and scientific breakthroughs we will not get back.

Download the full statement here.

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