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People, Partnerships, And Place: A Recipe For Success In Tennessee

The Council’s new initiative—Competitiveness Conversations Across America—aims to illuminate new cutting-edge strategies and pathways to broaden the geography of U.S. innovation beyond the coasts and deepen the demography of high-tech driven prosperity. This national conversation kicked-off at the end of April in Nashville, with co-hosts Vanderbilt University Chancellor Daniel Diermeier and University of Tennessee, Knoxville Chancellor Donde Plowman. More than 250 leaders and speakers came together to highlight Tennessee’s ingredients for innovation in energy, advanced mobility, and manufacturing.

Tennessee is booming, manufacturing is humming, the high-tech sector is buzzing, per capita income is rising, and the population is surging. The State has cultivated an environment that attracts investment, fuels business growth, and drives manufacturing, including its cornerstone automotive industry. Prospects for the future are brighter than ever as the State lays the groundwork for a big stake in 21st century mobility. Leaders in the conversion highlighted some key strategic factors playing a crucial role in co-creating a future bursting with potential….

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