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BUILD 1 Post Report 2020
BUILD 3 Post Report 2020
BUILD 2 Post Report 2020
BUILD Final Report 2020
Accelerate: Turbocharging the Manufacturing Renaissance in an Era of Energy Abundance
Wise policies and practices, in many cases, could unleash American strengths, boost manufacturing engines and raise technology commercialization to new heights, driving U.S. economic growth and job creation. The recommendations in this report—and the over ten years of work they encompass—have the power to turbocharge America’s manufacturing capabilities, improve America’s competitiveness and unleash a new wave […]
Secure: Ensuring Resilience and Prosperity in a Digital Economy
In recognition of the growing importance of cybersecurity to America’s economic and national security, the Council on Competitiveness in 2018 launched a three-dialogue series on increasing the resilience of the nation’s critical infrastructure, intellectual property and industrial operations against cyberattack. Together, the challenges, opportunities and recommendations discussed throughout the three cybersecurity dialogues—and throughout the EMCP’s […]
Leverage: Aerospace
Leverage: Aerospace is the sixth and final sector study of the Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness Partnership (EMCP). This report looks at competitiveness in a sector that has long symbolized American leadership and innovation and one that is essential to growth, productivity, jobs and national security. The dialogue built upon key findings from the previous five […]
Leverage: Energy
Energy is the linchpin of economic growth and prosperity. Leverage: Energy, the fifth sector study report of the EMCP, provides an overview of this critical sector of the economy, as well as a set of recommendations on how America can address the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by new-found energy abundance and an […]
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