Meet the Council

Yasmin Hilpert
Senior Policy Director

Yasmin Hilpert is joining the Council on Competitiveness from our sister organization, the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC), where she served as the Senior Director of Policy and Engagement since 2017. Yasmin comes from an extensive labor background with experience in strategic development, labor issues and workforce development. She brings close to ten years of experience as a trainer and educator in a vocational training institute in Germany. With an interdisciplinary background in political science and metropolitan industrial policy with a focus on Industry 4.0, she worked as a strategic advisor to human rights and labor organizations to develop strategies for Industry 4.0 and workforce automation in light of technology innovation. As an advisor to labor leaders, she engaged in high-level negotiations on a national and European level with employers and multi-national corporations and is regularly invited as a contributor to meetings of labor, business and government leaders in Germany, the UK and the EU as a whole. She is an expert on metropolitan and regional development, innovation infrastructure, and sustainable industrial policy. Yasmin holds a Masters from Humboldt University Berlin and is graduating with her Ph.D. thesis in Spring 2020 at Humboldt University Berlin and George Mason University.

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