Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative Dialogue 29

February 26, 2024

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

Join fellow TLSI members for the first dialogue of 2024 at Arizona State University. TLSI Co-Chair, Dr. Sally Morton, Executive Vice President, Knowledge Enterprise, Arizona State University, will host members for a day of action.

Along with TLSI Co-Chairs and Council leadership, the TLSI members will focus on reviewing, enhancing and finalizing a TLSI Call to Action – building off a set of policy recommendations that have emerged over the 2023 dialogues. The Call to Action will supplement work underway with the Council’s “National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers” and become the basis of an innovation guide for the incoming administration and Congress in late-2024. In addition to the robust conversation, TLSI dialogue participants will have the opportunity to experience some of ASU’s own innovation infrastructure, including Dreamscape and CXFEL: 

  • About Dreamscape Learn: A collaborative venture between Dreamscape Immersive and Arizona State University, merging the most advanced pedagogy with the entertainment industry’s best emotional storytelling. Dreamscape Learn redefines how we teach and learn in the 21st century, while aiming to eliminate student learning gaps.
  • About CXFEL: The compact X-ray free electron laser (CXFEL) being developed at Arizona State University will be the first of its kind in the world. It will provide X-ray pulses so short that they outrun all X-ray damage processes. As a result, scientists can conduct novel science to explore the structure and dynamics of nature and materials as never before.
  • About the TLSI: The TLSI draws on nearly 50 Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) from industry, academia, and the national laboratories and makes the business case for strategic, prioritized investments in the research, talent and infrastructure necessary for tech-based innovation in an era of endless frontiers but limited resources.

This page will be updated with dialogue details soon, but for now please take a moment to register and plan your trip.

TLSI and Council on Competitiveness Leadership:

Dr. Sally Morton
Executive Vice President, Knowledge Enterprise
Arizona State University
Dr. Patricia Falcone
Deputy Director for Science and Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dr. Steve Walker
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Lockheed Martin
The Honorable Deborah Wince-Smith
President and CEO, Council on Competitiveness 
Mr. Chad Evans
Executive Vice President, Council on Competitiveness 

For additional information about this event, please contact Council on Competitiveness EVP Chad Evans at [email protected].

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