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Sustainability: Pursuing Innovation with Purpose

Today, sustainability is essential for preserving resources and protecting the environment, but also ensuring the sustainment of communities, diversity and inclusivity, and the flourishing of society in general. Sustainability, in this broad context, is essential for businesses, cities, regions and countries. It is a key issue driving competitiveness in the next economy. The good news is business, academia, the national labs and our workforce are correctly orienting around a sustainability agenda, and tremendous innovations will follow.

Sustainability—Pursuing Innovation with Purpose” is the Council on Competitiveness’ first Competing in the Next Economy webinar. We thank Lockheed Martin for their sponsorship of this event and commitment to advancing U.S. competitiveness.


The “Sustainability—Pursuing Innovation with Purpose” recap report here.

Lockheed Martin’s 2020 Sustainability Report “Propelled by Principlehere.

The Council on Competitiveness report, "Competing in the Next Economy" here.

And watch the full event on the Council's YouTube Channel below:

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