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Compete Connect - February 2023 Edition

The Council on Competitiveness is looking forward to hearing from The Honorable Paul Monks and The Honorable Jed Kolko during the National Commission Phase 2 Launch Summit at U.C. Davis from March 27-28, 2023. This month the Council co-hosted with Brazil’s National Confederation of Industry (CNI) the launch of the 30th U.S.-Brazil “Innovation Immersion.” This event focused on providing the Brazilian leadership with a snapshot of the U.S. economy, its S&T and innovation ecosystem, and a view of key global trends. Deborah Wince-Smith also joined a panel of distinguished leaders from Greece and the United States to discuss Greece’s new trajectory towards rebuilding its economic base. The Council is pleased to welcome five new members: Mr. David Danielson, Mr. Jeff Peoples, Dr. Santa Ono. Mr. Mike Freeman, and Mr. Rehan Chaudri. The Council also remembers the late Rebecca M. Blank, an exceptional leader, an outstanding educator, and a trusted friend who will be deeply missed by her peers.

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