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Four Pillars of Innovation: Place-Making Innovation, Deploying Tech-based Innovation at Speed and Scale, the Future of Sustainability, the Future of Work and the Workforce: National Competitiveness Forum 2024

There are four pillars critical to innovation & competitiveness in 2024:

1) Place-making: broadening & deepening the geography and demography of innovation,

2) Developing & deploying tech at speed & scale,

3) Accelerating the nation’s sustainability mission, and

4) Defining the future of work and empowering America’s workforce.

At the 2023 National Competitiveness Forum, University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Joan Gabel, Deloitte Consulting CEO Dan Helfrich, Council on Competitiveness Chair emeritus Chad Holliday, and Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Thomas Mason, while speaking with Council CEO Deborah L. Wince-Smith, explored why these policy areas will shape the Council’s 2024 agenda. Read more about it in the 2023 National Competitiveness Forum Summary Report.

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