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Op-ed in The Tennessean: How Tennessee can leverage its core strengths to become a powerhouse of innovation

In their "How Tennessee can leverage its core strengths to become an economic powerhouse in America" op-ed published in The Tennessean, the hosts of the Council on Competitiveness’ inaugural Competitiveness Conversation — Deborah L. Wince-Smith, Council on Competitiveness CEO, Daniel Diermeier, Vanderbilt University Chancellor, and Donde Plowman, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Chancellor — argue Tennessee should not mimic Silicon Valley nor the Research Triangle to establish itself as America's next great innovation hub. Rather, by capitalizing on its distinctive assets and through robust collaboration across the region's universities, national laboratories, businesses, and the public sector, Tennessee can drive innovation to bolster its economy and unleash the state's full competitiveness.

Read their full article inThe Tennessean here.

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