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Powering Innovation: Semiconductors and Clean Energy – a Competitiveness Conversation in the Mountain West: National Competitiveness Forum

Dr. Marlene Tromp – President, Boise State University

Dr. Marianne Walck – Chief Research Officer, Idaho National Laboratory

Mr. Chad Evans – Executive Vice President, Council on Competitiveness

Traditional theory wouldn’t lead you to believe Idaho would become global pacesetters in two critical tech vectors: advanced microelectronics and nuclear energy. So, how is Idaho punching above its weight? Listen and learn from Marlene Tromp, President of Boise State University, and Marianne Walck, former Chief Research Officer at Idaho National Laboratory (and incoming Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory), in their conversation with Council EVP Chad Evans. You can also read their insights in the 2023 National Competitiveness Forum Summary Report.

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