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Thomas Mason Next Economy Video
Dr. Thomas Mason Director, Los Alamos National Laboratory National Commissioner, National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers “It’s important for the Council to advocate for partnering internationally with those who share our values and adhere to the global world order. Within the US we need to make the investments and cultivate the talent to meet […]
Phase 2: Competing in the Next Economy – Adapting to a Changing World
The U.S. economy faces an inflection point. Multiple technology revolutions are unfolding and converging at a rapid pace, and the nation’s ability to swiftly reorganize its economy to capitalize on this creative destruction will dictate whether the United States remains the world’s leader in innovation for generations to come. Recent events—including the pandemic, the war […]
Mountain West Innovation Summit Unites National Leaders to Advance U.S. Competitiveness
Laramie hosts national conversation on expanding the geography of innovation at June 21-22 Summit June 13, 2022 – The University of Wyoming (UW) will host distinguished leaders from across American industry, higher education, national laboratories, and government to develop concrete policy recommendations aimed at keeping the United States at the forefront of innovation and economic […]
Breakthrough U.S. and Japan Private Sector Partnership Announced
New Joint Commission will foster science and technology partnerships based on principles of competitiveness, resilience, invention, innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and shared democratic values (WASHINGTON D.C.) Building off the success of the U.S.-Japan Competitiveness and Resilience Partnership (CoRe), launched last April, the Council on Competitiveness (Council) and the Japan Innovation Network (JIN) are today announcing a new […]
Compete Connect - March 2022 Edition
This month the Council launches our new communications hub: Our President and CEO Deborah Wince-Smith also highlights A Roadmap for a Competitive America for – key findings and insights from the December 2021 National Competitiveness Forum. We also welcome our newest general member and National Commissioner Josh Parker, CEO of Ancora. Read more […]
Council Leaders Urge Immediate Action on Innovation Legislation
Statement Calls on Congress and the President to Act Now to Ensure the United States Leads in Science and Technology In a statement released today, forty-nine (49) of the Council on Competitiveness's academic and business leaders warned that U.S. leadership in technology-based innovation is under threat. There are deficiencies in the U.S. innovation engine, and barriers to developing […]
Compete Connect - February '22 Edition
This month the house passes COMPETES, a companion to USICA, and both bills resonate with the Council's Competing in the Next Economy report recommendations. The Council also reveals key 2022 event dates and welcomes a new member Dr. Jason Providakes of MITRE. Read the full newsletter here.
Compete Connect - January '22 Edition
This month Deborah Wince-Smith recaps important changes that 2021 brought: two new Board Members Ms. Joan Gabel as Academic Vice-chair and Ms. Janet Foutty as Business Vice-chair. We also share a playlist of the entire December National Competitiveness Forum. Read more here.
Council on Competitiveness Announces New Business Vice Chair, Ms. Janet Foutty, Executive Chair of the Board, Deloitte US
Washington, DC — Today, the Council on Competitiveness (Council) will announce Ms. Janet Foutty as its next Business Vice Chair. The announcement will be made during the Council’s 2021 National Competitiveness Forum, which is themed “Future Focused,” and brings together national and global leaders from business, academia, labor, the national laboratories, and government. Register here to hear Ms. Foutty’s […]
Compete Connect - November '21 Edition
In her November article, Deborah Wince-Smith highlights five key technologies re-shaping a variety of industries and employment prospects; digitalization, e-commerce, big data, autonomy/robotics, and artificial intelligence. National Commissioner Dr. Victor Dzau moderates a panel on “Decarbonizing the Health Sector.” Advanced Computing Roundtable Co-Chair Dr. Tommy Gardner highlights new IT security needs as Gen Z […]
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