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Compete Connect — February 2024 Edition
Looking ahead to March, the National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers will reconvene with a series of Working Group meetings that will help inform the nation’s next major innovation agenda — aiming to advance U.S. competitiveness by focusing on technology deployment, sustainability, workforce advancement, and regional innovation. Additionally, the Council is working closely with its […]
Compete Connect — January 2024 Edition
In a special edition of Compete Connect, Deborah Wince-Smith reflects on the significant achievements of the Council in 2023. And, in highlighting an exciting year to come, she asks readers to mark their calendars for important 2024 events, including those supporting the National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers and the newly launched “Competitiveness Conversations […]
Compete Connect - December 1, 2023 Edition
Between the COP28 "Innovation Arena" and the National Competitiveness Forum, the Council anticipates a very busy holiday season. On December 6th in Dubai, members of the Council, the GFCC, and stakeholders will join together for an interactive series of conversations focused on providing solutions to sustainability challenges. Shortly after in Washington D.C., the Council will […]
Compete Connect - October 2023 Edition
The Council brought together the broad stakeholder community in support of the National Commission for the 2023 series of eight Working Group meetings. The initial ideas and findings from these conversations will help shape the 2023 National Competitiveness Forum, and the Council's agenda for 2024. In a meeting hosted by Senator Tammy Baldwin (WI), the University Leadership […]
Compete Connect - September 2023 Edition
The Council launched the National Commission's Phase 2 Working Groups covering the Future of Tech, the Future of Sustainability, Future of Work and Future of Place-Based Innovation. The Council held our Fall "TLSI" Dialogue at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The Council will host the first-of-its-kind initiative advancing diversity and representation across the space industry, kicking […]
Compete Connect - August 2023 Edition
The Council's Advanced Computing Roundtable is now the Alliance for Transformational Computing in recognition of the foundational role of computingpower to critical technologies from AI to quantum, an exciting update for the Council. Upcoming events include the National Competitiveness Forum in Washington, D.C. in December 2023. Building on the Council’s history in sharing critical competitiveness data and analysis, we […]
Compete Connect - July 2023 Edition
The Council held their annual Summer Meeting at Gallup Headquarters, bringing together the Board, Executive Committee, and National Commissioners to launch the next set of National Commission working groups to define a new call to action focused around innovation, sustainability, resiliency and inclusivity opportunities. Dan Helfrich, Chair and CEO of Deloitte Consulting LLP, was announced […]
Compete Connect - June 2023 Edition
The Council is preparing for an active summer and fall, engaging members across many fronts. The Council launched a new phase of work for our longstanding Technology Leadership & Strategy Initiative (TLSI) hosted in Palo Alto at Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Center. Soon, we will host the summer meeting of the Council’s Board, Executive Committee and […]
Compete Connect - May 2023 Edition
During May, the Council on Competitiveness hosted significant leadership meetings, including a Board meeting and a co-chairs session to reshape and rebrand the “Advanced Computing Roundtable.” In June and throughout the summer, the Council will focus on a range of critical initiatives, including: the summer meeting of the Board + Executive Committee + National Commissioners […]
Compete Connect - April 2023 Edition
April was a very active month for the Council. The Council launched its second phase of policy-generating work at the University of California at Davis, hosted by Chancellor Gary May. Additionally, a delegation from the Council on Competitiveness participated in the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement by leading a panel at the Agreement 25 conference focused on reimagining the future of […]
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