National Commission on Innovation
& Competitiveness Frontiers

Phase 2 Launch Summit

March 27-28, 2023

University of California, Davis

About the Summit

Under the auspices of the National Commission on Innovation and Competitiveness Frontiers, the Phase 2 Launch Summit will bring together leaders from all sectors and regions of the country to kick-start a new round of policy generation on four key issues:

  • Future of Sustainability: Accelerating Innovation in Clean Energy Technology
  • Future of Technology: Developing and Deploying Disruptive Technologies at Speed and Scale
  • Future of Work: Developing, Supporting, and Expanding the Modern Innovation Workforce
  • Future of Place-Based Innovation: Broadening and Deepening the Nation’s Innovation Ecosystem

Summit Hosts

Dr. Gary May
UC Davis
National Commissioner
The Hon. Deborah L. Wince-Smith
President & CEO
Council on Competitiveness
National Commission Co-Chair

The Summit, based in California but national in scope, will feature a range of plenary sessions and working sessions around the Commission’s four Phase 2 themes – as well as a special fireside chat with:

The Hon. Paul Monks
Chief Science Advisor
United Kingdom Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
The Hon. Jed Kolko
Under Secretary for Economic Affairs
U.S. Department of Commerce
Mr. Chad Evans
Executive Vice President
Council on Competitiveness

... and many more, including the Summit co-hosts.

We look forward to seeing you in Davis!

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