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Growing Innovation: Chips, Qubits and Molecules – a Competitiveness Conversation Across the Midwest: National Competitiveness Forum
Dr. Mung Chiang – President, Purdue University The Honorable Deborah L. Wince-Smith – President and CEO, Council on Competitiveness Innovation = chips + qubits + molecules! Mung Chiang, President of Purdue University, joined the Honorable Deborah L. Wince-Smith to discuss how Purdue, the University of Illinois System, and Argonne National Laboratory are collaborating across traditional political boundaries to […]
Powering Innovation: Semiconductors and Clean Energy – a Competitiveness Conversation in the Mountain West: National Competitiveness Forum
Dr. Marlene Tromp – President, Boise State University Dr. Marianne Walck – Chief Research Officer, Idaho National Laboratory Mr. Chad Evans – Executive Vice President, Council on Competitiveness Traditional theory wouldn’t lead you to believe Idaho would become global pacesetters in two critical tech vectors: advanced microelectronics and nuclear energy. So, how is Idaho punching […]
Setting the Vision for “Competitiveness Conversations Across America”: National Competitiveness Forum
Dr. James Clements – President, Clemson University Mr. Josh Parker – Chair and CEO, Ancora L&G The Honorable Deborah L. Wince-Smith – President and CEO, Council on Competitiveness Broadening & deepening the geography & demography of U.S. innovation capacity is critical to U.S. competitiveness. Inspired by — but evolving — the Council’s long history in defining […]
Taking Talent to the Next Level — Preparing the Workforce for a Sustainable U.S. Manufacturing Renaissance: National Competitiveness Forum
Dr. Steve Ashby – Director, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Dr. Carol Burns – Deputy, Director Berkeley Lab Dr. Elizabeth Cantwell – President, Utah State University Mr. Nick Pinchuk – President & CEO, Snap-on Incorporated Dr. Gregory Washington – President, George Mason University Dr. Pradeep Khosla – Chancellor, University of California, San Diego At the end […]
Setting Strategic Priorities from the Council’s Technology Leaders: National Competitiveness Forum 2023
Dr. Patricia Falcone – Deputy Director for Science and Technology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Dr. William Greene – Chief Investment Officer, Hevolution Foundation Dr. Sally Morton – Executive Vice President for Knowledge Enterprise, Arizona State University Dr. Steve Walker – Vice President and CTO, Lockheed Martin Mr. Chad Evans – Executive Vice President, Council on […]
Four Pillars of Innovation: Place-Making Innovation, Deploying Tech-based Innovation at Speed and Scale, the Future of Sustainability, the Future of Work and the Workforce: National Competitiveness Forum 2024
Ms. Joan Gabel – Chancellor, University of Pittsburgh; Academic Vice-chair, Council on Competitiveness Mr. Dan Helfrich – Chair and CEO Deloitte Consulting LLP; Business Vice-chair, Council on Competitiveness Mr. Charles O. Holliday, Jr. – Chair Emeritus, Council on Competitiveness; Chair, Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils Dr. Thom Mason – President and CEO, Triad National Security, […]
Council on Competitiveness – GFCC COP28 Innovation Arena
On Wednesday, December 6, the Council on Competitiveness and the Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils will host a series of conversations with global leaders from business, academia, national laboratories and research organizations, and the public sector to advance sustainability challenges under discussion at COP28.
Press Release -- Gallup and the Council Co-Present "Trust" Dialogue
June 23, 2020   Gallup and Council on Competitiveness Co-Present Virtual Event, "Rebuilding Trust in Uncertain Times" (WASHINGTON, DC—June 22, 2020) The Council on Competitiveness, a leadership organization of CEOs, university presidents, labor leaders, and national lab directors working together to keep America competitive in a challenging global economy, and Gallup, a global analytics and […]
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